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Intuitive Spirit Readings *** Native American Tarot *** Past Lives *** Pendulum *** Crystal and Stone
Questions Answered include:
Relationship and Love *** Career and Job *** Family and Home *** Education *** Health *** Finance and Money *** Spiritual Path *** Relocations
Other Services Offered:
Spiritual Counseling *** Chakra Balancing *** Meditation Training *** Shamanic Practices and Healing

In my lifelong committment to helping others, I’ve learned that there is no separation between you and the creative source of all that exists. My Psychic readings draw upon all universal knowledge, consciousness and awareness, to provide you with clear and concise information about the questions you have, your “Lifepath” and your higher calling.

Rev. Howard Feldman has been a seer since early childhood. Seeing and hearing communications from the Spirit realms was second nature to Rev. Howard. Utilizing the gifts of Clairaudience as well as Clairvoyance and Mediumship, Rev. Howard communicates with the Spirit realm every day, on behalf of those seeking his assistance.

During the course of many years, Rev. Howard has been awarded a multitude of university degrees which provided him the opportunity to teach at numerous universities as well as provide counseling and clinical therapeutic services for a vast array of clients across the country.

Walking a Native American Spiritual path, Rev. Howard has been shown how to communicate with Animal Spirits and Guides as well as the Ancestors who have long since “crossed-over” to the Spirit Plane.

Combining his visionary ability with his education, Rev. Howard has synthesized a unique method of Spiritual Counseling into his Psychic Readings which have benefitted many. Drawing on remembered techniques from ancient cultures brings a flavor to his readings which Rev. Howard calls, ‘Spirit Dance’.
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Tarot reading, Pendulum, Dream interpretation, Crystal reading, Clairvoyance, Reiki, Crystal healing, Holistic healing, Chakra healing, Angel readings, Angel communication, Angel healing, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Finance and law, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing, Rituals and energies, Lost and found

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Such wonderful insight.. Thank you :)
- by Lauren, melbourne
Great reading. Howard was very clear and detailed with his reading I am impressed.
- by victoria111, London
- by jaime, LaGrange
Received lots of clarity from private reading. Not everything was want I wanted to hear but really what I wanted most was truth. That is what I believe I got. So I got what I wanted and needed. Thanks!
- by CristinaLynn1, VA
- by vanessakg, sale
Perfect person to talk to and sort things out.
- by Yashoda108, Zagreb, Croatia
I've had readings with Howard before, and they're always an incredible experience. I've always been filled with so much knowledge and given insight and wisdom t read more »
- by Erica89, Western, Md
Always love him!
- by bluesky941, westchester county, ny
Simply the best..most you will ever meet..all should visit him..
- by vonnie03, hamilton ohio
Very true. thank you. x
- by hannyhoo, south petherton
Perfect. 5 stars!
- by Yashoda108, Zagreb, Croatia
He has taught me very much wonderful.
- by swhope999, wow
He is fantastic , amazing he made me cry. I was so pleased with his reading. Cant wait for the next.
- by swhope999, wow
He is fantastic.
- by swhope999, wow
One more private reading, one more step towards the absolute truth. Five stars!
- by Yashoda108, Zagreb, Croatia
I am speechless at the visions. Five stars.
- by Yashoda108, Cusco, Peru
Accurate, insightful and kind - thank you Howard, and your multiple degrees.
- by Bella100, London
Very interesting reading. Great man with great knowledge and wisdom. Worth while.
- by winterwitche, Wiesbaden
Wooooooow! Excellent reading!
- by Bojan99, S
Mr. Howard is an expert in understanding the situation, understanding the question and the way to solve it in a right way. I contacted few psychics on Oranum read more »
- by Yashoda108, Zagreb, Croatia
As always he is a great mentor and wonderfully gentle soul
- by higherthanlife, beverly
He's awesome, lots of good answers!
- by bluesky941, westchester county, ny
Wonderful person, straight to the point, doesn\'t sugarcoat the issues
- by sycammer781, Ajman,UAE
- by jaimelee25, Lagrange,ga
Wow truly onpoint
- by MoningSparrow33, Cincinnati
This was totally amazing. Howard was so in tune and able to tell me many things that he couldn't have known. I will take all of his comments totally to heart. I will be back in the future. Thanks!
- by CristinaLynn1, Manassas
Thank you Howard for your guidance and the chance to look into my past life.
- by Charlie0605, Wellsford, New Zealand
Mr. HOWARD is very warm person, with a lot of concern for problems of those who come to his room. He is guided by spirits and he is providing a lot of optimism, read more »
- by Yashoda108, Zagreb
Thank you for sharing some wisdom with me Rev!
- by Charlie0605, Wellsford NZ
I had an email reading with howard..his numerology report are very much detailed and he gives many I thank him for his time and honesty ...
- by delmark, GR
Howard is terrific. I\'ve done a private reading as well as an email reading and he\'s been right on both times. He seems to know what I\'m thinking before I read more »
- by bluesky941, Westchester County, NY
Very sincere and passionate about what he does!
- by crtnybeavers, pell city
Thank you so much for helping me see again Rev Howard. Just great. Blessings and a big hug to you!
- by Charlie0605, Wellsford New Zealand
Very soothing voice, good advice. Thanks!
- by bluesky941, westchester county
Great reading, very insightful, caring and open!
- by chawks009, Brooklyn, NY
- by jaimelee25, Lagrange,ga
- by 6969lovetolove, SURREY, BC
Thanks, Howard.
- by 10faygo71, Indiana
Very good and knows what he is doing.
- by Collier12, Chicago
I enjoy speaking with Howard and will plan on seeing you in October.
- by 10faygo71, Indiana
To the point, precise and clear. I would consult him again.
- by garciro( Roberto), Miami
Excellent read.
- by natei08, Melbourne
An amazing person.
- by heena_chawhan, nagpur
AMAZING! Extremely bright. Wonderful reading. 10 stars for Howard!
- by lilly19610, NY
Thanks are so helpful.
- by 10faygo71, Indiana
Fantastic as usual
- by higherthanlife, beverly
Thanks alot that reading was fab. Definetly come back when I have more credits.
- by kirstyxxxxx, scotland
It's amazing how people are chosen for you... And I felt a connection as everyone else I wish I had more time. I had at first chosen him because of the native a read more »
- by comfortablynumb7, Hamilton
Such a wonderful gentleman...Thank you and god bless.
- by 10faygo71, Florida
Did not want it to end...Thank you!
- by 10faygo71, Florida
It was a nice reading, thank you!
- by litaluvu30, detroit
He is a very understand and helpful person with a whole lot of insight. He was great.
- by Granola2, USA
Amazing. Tuned right in. :) Blessings
- by Angelwingss7, Ontario, Canada
Wonderful man great reading!! will use again.
- by febuary, barnstable
It was ok
- by alizaroncrimson, SLC
Great sincere guy ,gave me a sense of peace and relief .i would recommend hem
- by love1986, washington dc
Howard is the best..the end..i am proud to call him friend!!
- by vonnie03, hamilton
He is wonderful! Very nice and helpful. He was right on with what I asked and cleared some things up for me. Thank you! again for everything! I highly recommend to any and everyone!
- by scadoodle, Illinois
Howard has such a calm, reassuring manner. It was my pleasure to consult him. He is indeed a treasure. Thank you Howard for your insight. God bless.
- by pinchofsalt, Greece
He told me a few things to get me back on my feet
- by MALEX3007, ayrshire
- by tiffanymarie212, ma
Made me laugh. insightful.... and calm!
- by Esterilla, gatienau
Very straightforward and honest. (: He had sound advice and I appreciated hearing what he had to say. Thank you very much for your time, Howard!
- by Kaiine, Houston
Thank you!
- by ewaewaewa24, london
Very positive
- by DML41786, NY.NY
He showed me the way, great guy!
- by tylerairforce, Connecticut
Good advise.Genuine and honest.Compassionate person.Thank you.
- by av, au man knows his stuff!! He will help you with anything...he knows so so much about so so many things...He is the best!!
- by vonnie03, hamilton
Great advice....answered my question very well...definitely worth it.
- by ferris747, Portadown
Howard is an exceptional Psychic. He did tell me so many things about myself. He is more than a Psychic, he is a friend. This was our first reading, and I felt read more »
- by hugs2020, Dresden
Thank you, very nice session...enjoyed speaking with you!
- by wendic, usa
Very good and I will talk with him again in the near future. give him a try and you will see for yourself. good
- by roxieraynor, memphis
Great reading, Howard is truely a life teacher that provides clarity, guidence, and direction. Will come back again. Ready to face whats in front of me. I'd recommend him. Thanks Howard!
- by nyssens716, Chaska, MN
Thank you
- by BabyMama661, Castaic
He was wonderful. Loving peaceful and just full of wonderful clarity. great addition to your peeps..
- by higherthanlife, lawrence mass
Very deep, wise and nice man that has instant contact with the spiritual world.
- by emotions, Sthlm
Practical advice!
- by F, USA
Thanks so much, helped a lot!
- by Banghart77, USA
Great advice, liked him very much, thank you!
- by cammyboo, greenwich
Thank you Howard for your reading. You picked up on my situation and was accurate of what is going on and gave me the push that I needed to go forward. Thank you!
- by greekgoddess71, USA
He is understanding and nice...Thank you!
- by answers28, fl
Howard was so nice and his message was very helpful. I do recommend HowardThePsychic for any help that you may need. He's the best of all.
- by brivers39, ATL
The reading was very thorough. Howard The Psychic would be a good choice for anyone wanting an in depth reading...
- by Lightstar, Kansas City
Accurate reading! Ty sir.
- by mozzy123, USA
He is really calm and positive was nice to talk...with him made me relax...
- by soosanmh59, las vegas
He was great. He connects with my father and he's very in-tuned. I would recomend him anyday. I'm pleased with my reading very much. Thank you sooo much.
- by melissaanselma9, ca
Very good and positive!
- by DARLING1, boston
Thanks howard Very Good reading
- by debsch67, pa
Very honest and perceptive. He saw it as it is.
- by quietmountain, Australia
As usual Howard has been a leader in the Psychic world. I have enjoyed my time with him and appreciate his reading. Will be doing further readings. Was very spo read more »
- by Portland97217, Portland
He gave me more clarity than I needed but it was good to finally get the answers I needed. He is a very wonderful and insightful reader. I recommend him to anyone wanting the truth.
- by murdocca, sydney australia
He made a lot of sense and I will come back again! I will keep him updated! Thank you very much for all of your insight.
- by marlenea64, Waldorf, MD
Really intense experience with past life. It explained some of the things happening to me. Thank you Howard.
- by jswede1149, boston, ma
Very calming and reassuring, He gave me what I needed at this time in my life. Will come back for another reading
- by leti89, Ecuador
Highly recommended! amazing reading!!
- by lovelife, vegas
Brilliant reading thank you.
- by Matthew12345, UK
Very accurate and pleasant reading. Highly recommended!
- by Future, Skycity

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